Today marked a critical move in the direction of legalizing short term rentals in Miami  residential neighbors. Judge Butchko ruled that Miami law enforcement could no longer fine Airbnb hosts in any district of Miami –including Miami Beach– where the attack on hosts had reached a boiling point.
The Judge issued a temporary restraining order, which the city will undoubtably appeal, but is likely to be unsuccessful. Florida is a state with strong property right (um, stand your ground!),and many residents argue that the government shouldn’t interfere with how they utilize their home. This has been affirmed by the state capital, which passed a law stating that local governments couldn’t put any further restrictions on Airbnb.
While Vacayo operates in the commercial zones of Miami Beach, where short-term renting is permitted, we too have felt the sting of heavy regulation. For us, this just means more opportunities to help homeowners in MB earn more, and do less!
Beware, hotels. The match has been lit…and it’s about time.