Good News! After great early traction and passing $150k, we decided to extend our Republic Campaign until April 29th!

We appreciate your support in helping us get this far. If you invested prior to this extension, it is required that you re-confirm your investment amount. Now is also a perfect time to up your investment and help Vacayo achieve its stretch fundraising goal of $300k.

You may already know, that each $5k investment represents another homeowner whom we can on-board and help achieve financial freedom!

Join these Investors and Advisors in Backing Vacayo:

We are thrilled to be able to name some incredible investors whose support and advise have been invaluable to our team:

  • Tim Draper, 3rd generation VC and founder of DFJ
  • Kirby Winfield, Former CEO of Dwellable, Ascend Ventures
  • Stephen Silver, Active Angel and CEO of Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry
  • Shawn Zong, Managing Partner of Keystone Capital


How Vacayo is Making The Difference

As Truth and I scaled our business, we began to realize that Vacayo is about so much more to homeowners than getting a check every month. It’s about inspiring others to achieve their goals and freeing up their time with our modern, simplified leasing process. Owning an investment property can be both promising and daunting–you never know what curveballs may come.

Take, for example, the story of one of our wonderful owners, Sam Juarez, a financial advisor. Both he and his wife immigrated to the US and worked hard to buy a property in La Jolla, California. It wasn’t their dream home, but it had a lot of rental potential, so they listed it with Turnkey, a short-term rental manager. Turnkey promised them generous returns on the property while taking a commission for their service. Months went by and the property was generating barely enough to cover the mortgage; some months it even fell short. Sam and his wife, who were locked into a 1-year contract, were worried and felt conned. After this rough period, they found Vacayo through a friend and signed a 5-year lease. What Vacayo represents for them is a chance to save money and finally see their hard work realized.

We’re excited by the opportunities we are creating for landlords and Superhosts alike. Please stay tuned for more updates as we continue on our upward trajectory!