Thank you for supporting our campaign!  With Vacayo, not only are you investing in one of the hottest spaces in tech (prop-tech), you’re joining our mission to make passive income accessible to every landlord!

We plan to start posting regular updates on the status of our campaign and happenings at Vacayo. In addition, I’ll be setting up live Q+A sessions on Youtube where I can engage with you all on our business and industry. Also, make sure to check out my video below!

How We Reached 100% in Record Time:

  1. Soft-launching to Friends and Family:  First, we relied on our innermost circles. While many were quick to contribute, others took a little nudging. Ultimately, we received a strong showing of support from our network, which is the best attestment to Vacayo’s strong team and business model.
  2. Landlords turned out in droves: Reviewing the dozens of comments we received from investors, you can spot a clear trend: landlords understand our value proposition. Many of them live in cities where Vacayo hasn’t yet expanded to, so they are feeling the effects of that void. It’s worth noting that, although this campaign has only just begun, we’re already gaining new insights into the pain points of landlord’s outside our current markets. Not to mention a growing list of prospective clients in those cities!
  3. Strong Investment Conversion Rates: We’re invigorated by the momentum in this campaign, in particular the conversion metric. Based on our data, over 20% of the people who view the campaign end up investing. For us, the challenge now is to get more visitors to our Republic deal page so we can knock this out of the park.

As we wrap up an exhilarating first week on Republic, please remember to SHARE our page with all your network so they, too, can take advantage of this opportunity to join the Vacayo family.

Best regards,