“Vacayo” Your Home At Vacayo, we set out to help owners who’ve never rented their investment property—or were renting it on a longterm basis—earn more money by switching to short-term. We take all the burden of furnishing, marketing and managing the home off their hands, and they get to sit back and collect a monthly check.


But recently, we’ve experienced a whole new subset of clients seeking out our services: frustrated sellers. Blame it on Zika, Irma, or the past economic downturn, but the outcome is pretty clear: Homes are not selling well in South Florida.


As a result, many disappointed owners are searching for solid revenue streams that will allow them to ride out this rough patch. Vacayo offers leases between 1 to 10 years, and many are opting for longer leases to allow the market time to bounce back. We have no doubt that it will—Miami always does—but are also thrilled to be able to alleviate some of the negative impact to landlords. Like many of today’s economic problems, there’s a sharing-economy solution!