It’s a question that has irked Vacayo since our early days: How do we scale our business to multiple cities without sacrificing quality? As one might imagine, running any kind of hospitality business takes tremendous effort and supervision. So much can go wrong—from stained bedsheets to the lightbulbs blowing out—and any mishaps inevitably show up in the reviews. If we were going to even attempt to get right, we’d need any army of well-trained managers.


Or would we? What if—instead of hiring the traditional way—we took a sharing-economy approach? Enter Superhosts. These hosts are the cream of the crop on Airbnb, so much so that they get a special badge next to their name. To gain Superhost status, you need to maintain 5-star ratings at least 80% of the time and never cancel a reservation—no easy feat. Partnering with Superhosts transformed our business and became an important niche differentiator for Vacayo. There’s a lot in it for Superhosts, too.

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Many are looking to carve out a flexible career, they just didn’t have the right opportunity. Vacayo has a coefficient similar to Uber or Taskrabbit, where they get matched with newly leased properties in their area. Then we supply them with a low-touch dashboard so they can self-onboard and start working right away. They are encouraged to add their personal touch to our homes and are assigned additional properties based on performance. In the end, they already have the skills to provide an A+ experience to guests, we’ve just given them the tools to do it on a larger scale.