Too many times, when I’m explaining Vacayo to new people they say, “Oh, so you’re like another Vacasa”. They automatically assume that because we share the Vacation Rental management space, we’re fighting for the same landlords. But that’s actually not the case 90 percent of the time.
Let me explain: Vacayo leases property, furnishes it to accommodate groups, then manages it as a vacation rental. The only part we share with Vacasa and our numerous competitors is the latter. Yes, we all manage —  full-service style, some not. But the key differentiator for Vacayo that we require zero effort on the part of the homeowner. They come to us with a  space suitable for tourists to occupy, and we offer them money to take it over. There are no Rental Read checklists or 160816_18_32_19_5dsr0334__1_home assessments beyond a basic walk through. And so, in making it ridiculously easy for homeowners to convert their property to a short-term rental, we’ve opened up a new market. Not so different, I might add, when Airbnb came along and allowed regular renters to share their homes online —an activity previously reserved for owners on sites like VRBO. The benefit in lowering the barrier to entry is that it creates economic opportunity for the masses.
At Vacayo, we have homeowners who never tried short term renting out of fear of losing a steady, year-long tenant, or who shuttered at the idea of furnishing a place without the confirmation of many bookings. We’ve created an opportunity for them to enjoy the best of both worlds: Earn higher income at a fixed monthly rate. That’s hard to say no to.