When we started this business, we were people like you. We wanted to earn extra income on our second house, but lacked the time or wherewithal to do it right. Oftentimes, we’d book out our property and forget about the guests until the day before when they contacted us, rushing in a panic to prepare. Then there was the key-pickup, which seemed so simple in our heads but became an ordeal for our guests (who knew working a lockbox could be so confusing?)

Struggling with managing this “second business” was the reason I started Vacayo six years ago. We’d worked out many of the kinks of managing our short term rental, and realized so many could benefit from this knowledge. Here are just a few reasons using Vacayo, or any experienced property manager, beats going it alone.


Understanding how to price your listing and manage your calendar—should you list a 3 or 5 night minimum over Christmas?—is half the battle. Vacayo analyzes trends in the market and tracks local events to optimize pricing for your unit. This is extremely time consuming, so it’s harder to do on a small scale.


We’re created hundreds of listing, and analyzed even more, to decipher what best captures viewer’s attention. Professional copywriters and photography can turn your listing from mediocre to a hit, which translates into more proft! Plus, it’s helpful if you know tricks for boosting your ranking on the search engine, thank you engineersJ


Middle of the night calls for extra towels, random wifi issues? This is normal life for a property manager, and an utter nightmare for your average homeowner. Vacayo employs customer service agents round the clock, as well as on-call managers who can address your guest’s every need. It’s essential for maintaining high standards and securing repeat-guests.


As a tech-driven company, Vacayo develops and seek outs innovative ways to create a smoother guest—and homeowner– experience. From using smart cameras to monitor your home, to keyless entry and wireless AC/heat control—when you list with us you’re getting the full package. All this translates to an efficient renting process and, ultimately, lower management fees.