At Vacayo, we safeguard our homeowner’s property 24/7, while respecting guest’s privacy. We set up cameras outside the front door and backyard doors only…to keep tabs on your home. This helps deter impromptu parties or noise violations, and ensures that guests are complying with house rules. For example, if a guest brings in more people than the owners are comfortable with, we can quickly resolve the situation.

How are we able to monitor hundreds of properties while keeping our fees so low?  A combination of smart technology and a “dream team” of dedicated employees. Here are some of the high-tech devices we install in our vacation rentals to manage them efficiently:

  • NEST– technology that lets you monitor house cameras, fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors all from your phone. It alerts you—through email or phone notifications–when something usual is detected at your property.
  • RING– a tool that connects to your front door so you can buzz in anyone remotely and even speak to them through your smart phone. This “virtual doorman” is perfect for late-night check-ins as well as letting deliveryman inside the house if a guest has ordered something valuable.
  • SMART THINGS– We monitor and prevent overuse of AC or lights using this fantastic tool. It can sense when someone is in the room and will turn the lights on automatically or adjust the AC according to the preset range you specified. When the windows are open, Smart Things, stops the AC from running. We can’t tell you how much money this has saved our homeowners!