1. Invest in Keyless Entry

This one will not only make your checkin and checkouts go smoother, but your daily life easier as well. If you’re like me and chronically lose your keys, it’s a massive timesaver. Your guests will appreciate not having to figure out tricky locks or sharing keys with other members of their party. Just remember to create a special code that can be changed when your guests leave.

  1. Create a House-Manual

Only you know the quirks of your home, where the wifi is a bit shaky or which burner doesn’t work. Welcome guests with a brief house manual they can refer back to when issues arise. I leave a card with the wifi written down (I’ve found that when you give it to them in advance, they lose it).

  1.  Pincode Lock Your Closet

Vacation rental skeptics always ask “How will I keep my valuables safe?” Well, I used to say, “get a safe,” but what I’ve found more useful is a simple pincode lock. Here’s a good one from Amazon for $50: http://amzn.to/2eeTbu7. This will allow you to lock up everything, but don’t forget to leave some closet or shelf space elsewhere for your guests!

  1. Stock Up on Good-Quality Linens

If you’re going to be renting your home to vacationers, you’ll want to ensure your comforters are well-covered with duvets and you have linens that can withstand many washes. My personal favorite brand to use is Ralph Lauren because it’s so stain resistant. When it comes to good reviews on your rental, a little luxury goes a long way!

  1. De-Clutter Your Space

No one likes a cluttered home, least of all vacation renters! Planning to “Airbnb” your home is the perfect excuse for a spring cleaning. Throw away the old magazines and piles of socks without a mate—your place is going to be bringing in too much money to risk a negative review!