Prior to co-founding Vacayo, I used to think that hotels were the be-all, end-all. That is, until I had kids. Suddenly, the fact that our Ritz Carlton suite had a tiny mini-fridge I could barely fit a bottle into, or that our“room divider” didn’t block enough light to keep my toddler asleep while we watched a movie, bothered me. A lot. The hotel life was pricey and stressful, no matter how many baby care-packages the concierge gifted us.

I’d never thought I had it in me to turn down the Ritz, but my priorities shifted. When I traveled—especially for over a week—I wanted a home environment. A decent kitchen, a makeshift nursery, space for the children to run around—those were the “perks” that mattered most. And I think many families of young children are changing their tune when it comes to travel. With more and more luxury, turnkey homes that offer housekeeping and countless amenities, it’s no wonder Airbnb’s worth the same as the Hilton chain…. and growing.

Professionally managed many vacation rentals are the ultimate choice for families seeking value and comfort!