For as long as I can recall, Miami’s been my second home. When my grandma moved to the DR, it was our connecting city. And we’d make a mini-trip out of it. Often, I’d be with my family (and wish I wasn’t), but in Miami you can always find fun!  A mundane trip to the tennis courts could lead to a night on the town with a hot Latino date…it’s that kind of place.

So when I learned that Miami Beach had been plagued by Zika, I was stumped.  Part of me felt the responsible thing to do—as a mother of two toddlers now—was avoid that region altogether. The other part wanted, selfishly, to brush aside the warnings. The main threat for Zika was towards pregnant women, but one smaller (and unproven) theory suggested the virus could harm small children. For a solid two months, I debated whether or not to scrap our annual winter trip.

After chatting with fellow Miami-lovers, I decided it wasn’t worth the risk. In the rare event that something were to happen, I’d have to live with that guilt. Plus, while I already miss that gorgeous aqua beach, I know it’s not going anywhere.

In the end, we decided that Clearwater Beach, close to our family in Tampa, was a good compromise. Hours away from the Zika-zone, but close enough to MIA that we can sneak off (sans-kiddos) to check on our business,  and perhaps squeeze in some swanky fun!